Our Clients


17 years by your side

Banks and insurances

Financial institutions are confronted by the issue of regulations and increased competition. Since its inception, ADVANCED Schema has supported the biggest players in the bank and insurance sector, in France and internationally, in the implementation of BI, CRM and Big Data projects. Numerous projects have been carried out related to compliance reporting, customer valuation, fraud detection and risk management, as well as commercial and financial activities.


ADVANCED Schema has gained more than 17 years of experiences in B2B and B2C retail markets. As a long-established partner of major retailers, ADVANCED Schema has adapted its expertise to the high agility, the need of prototyping imposed in this sector. The group offers solution orientated around logistics, supply and product profitability, customer knowledge and marketing, steering performance and loyalty.

Industry - Services

The quality control as well as the optimisation of production and planning processes are more than ever in the core of concern of the IT divisions. ADVANCED Schema offers its clients tools for managing global performance, also in the implementation and deployment of tools for managing light operations and easy access for the production operators.


The rapidly changing consumer habits means behavioural analysis and service adaptation are becoming increasingly complex. To stay on top of this very competitive market, ADVANCED Schema implements, for its clients, responsive Big Data projects to maximise the growth of customer experience, the access to the real-time market and the optimisation of contact centres.

Health - Pharmacy

The increasingly strict regulatory environment and the growing difficulties of accessing the healthcare professionals has called for customized tools that can manage and track extremely precisely sales force activities. ADVANCED Schema supports its clients in an integrated approach of advice that is both functional and technical. This allows to maximise the use of information from the manufacturers (sales, business, clinical research, etc.) Closely linked to both directions of promotion and medical, the consultants of ADVANCED Schema also support their clients in the evolution of the reimbursement system when measuring the real world effectiveness of drugs in the market become more and more important.


Faced with the rapid development of technologies, the multiplication of supports and the fragmentation of diffusion channel, "responsiveness" emerged as the keyword. ADVANCED Schema implements BI and CRM projects by providing solutions that integrate every dimension of client relation and the management of real-time to achieve customized services that tailor to its clients.